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A. Deliver X-PERT Programmes – Become Trained Educators
Healthcare professionals, link workers and lay educators can attend our training to deliver the X-PERT Health programmes. NHS funding is now more diverse creating opportunities for influencers such as freelance personal coaches and dietitians to become advocates and promote the X-PERT Health programmes too so you may be employed by a licensed organisation or hold a freelance licence. 

B.  Managed Service – Let X-PERT Take On Your Waiting List & Reduce The Burden On Your Staff
X-PERT Health will deliver the courses for your waiting list using our in-house educators, delivered in local venues at times suitable for your patients.

COMMISSIONERS: The beauty of X-PERT Health is the ease with which it can be integrated into any CCG or Trust with minimal fuss and disruption for maximum consumer benefit. As well as providing patient awareness, the programmes can be managed by our team.

We can demonstrate an excellent return on investment with our structured education programmes. We will work with your organisation to tailor a package of services to meet the requirements of your community. X-PERT Health is the market leader in the provision of clinically and cost effective structured education for the prevention and management of diabetes. We have NICE compliant programmes for pre-diabetes, Type 2 and Type 1 diabetes. Contact us for a customised ROI report and business case.

Our Key Messages 

  • Effective education programmes: X-PERT Prevention of Diabetes (X-POD), X-PERT Diabetes, X-PERT Insulin
  • Empowering and engaging 
  • Meeting individual needs 
  • Flexible options for educators’ implementation 
  • We can save you time and money by training your team to administer and deliver the X-PERT Health programmes 
  • Train your administration and support team 
  • Proven to halt or/and revise progression of PRE & Type 2 Diabetes 
  • Quality assured & annually audited 
  • NICE compliant 

Evidence Based: The X-PERT Diabetes Programmes are the most clinically effective structured education programmes fully evaluated with a randomised controlled trial demonstrating highly statistical significant reductions in blood glucose, blood pressure, blood cholesterol, body weight and waist circumference and an improvement in quality of life. 

  • Considered to be the most cost effective diabetes self-management programme
  • Cost saving through a reduced requirement for diabetes medication
  • Proven to work in newly diagnosed and people with existing diabetes
  • Demonstrable improvements for both white Caucasians and non-English speaking BAME groups 
  • Meets the NICE key criteria for diabetes prevention [July 2012] and diabetes structured education [January 2006] 
  • Enables providers to fulfil the NICE Quality Standard [March 2011] and the 2013/14 QOF indicators for diabetes, especially NM013 and NM014  

​A. Deliver X-PERT Health Programmes – Become Trained Educators

We provide all the information, tools and techniques necessary, however, it will help to have the basic knowledge, skills and understanding of pre-diabetes/diabetes to deliver the relevant programme and also be familiar with adult education principles. Recommended competencies to deliver different aspects of the programme can be found in the competency framework document.

Why Become An X-PERT Educator?

  • help people at risk to prevent diabetes
  • assist people with diabetes with self-managing their diabetes
  • demonstrate improved health outcomes
  • increase your job satisfaction
  • develop new knowledge and skills (CPD)

How Do I Become A Registered X-PERT Educator?

  • successfully complete the initial training course and update every 2 years
  • undertake the quality assurance assessment during the first year of delivery to demonstrate that standards and learning objectives are being met
  • repeat the quality assurance assessment every 3 years
  • Contact us for more information and costings.

3 Simple Steps to Implement: 

1. Licence We are very flexible and have a number of different licences for all organisations whether NHS/public funded; not-for-profit or profit making; UK or abroad; and for individuals. 

2. Training the Educators The X-PERT Educator's Courses are four-day training courses to prepare the participant as an X-PERT Educator. The courses incorporate a mixture of theoretical sessions on adult education, empowerment, patient-centred care and clinical guidelines, with hands-on, interactive sessions on delivering the X-PERT Programmes, evaluation and quality assurance programmes.  

Comments from X-PERT Diabetes Educators:

"Best training I have been on for a long time"     

"Certainly feel inspired and confident to deliver the programme" 

"very well structured and planned"    

 "I will certainly share my positive experience and recommend the course to my colleagues! "

"Very informative, learnt a lot, thank-you"

"Brilliant course.  Will recommend it.  I've got lots to learn now I know what I didn't know!" 

"What an inspiration"  

"Can't wait to get started"  

"Fantastic course that will really help people"

"Very practical - opened my eyes"  

To book a place on a training course click here to register for the X-PERT Health online shop or contact us.

3. Visual Aids and Participant Handbooks One strength of X-PERT Health education is its visual and hands-on approach to education (discovery learning) that allows people of all abilities and languages to benefit. To support this, a full range of quality magnetic boards and labels, models and handbooks are required in order to deliver the Programmes. Register or login to see the full range of educational resources and training courses available.

Once Implemented:

Quality Assurance We have a quality assurance programme that supports Educators in delivering the X-PERT Programmes. The first assessment is undertaken during the first year after training and this is repeated every 3 years. To assist organisations in the QA process, X-PERT Health staff carry out the initial assessment. When an Educator has successfully been quality assured they then have the opportunity to assess their peer Educators.  

X-PERT Educator Update Training Bi-annual update conferences assist Educators in learning from practical cases, maintaining competency, becoming confident with X-PERT Programme developments and recognising the latest evidence base. For trained X-PERT Diabetes and X-PERT Insulin Educators to obtain the up-to-date curriculum, to network and share good practice and to participate in further training on a variety of topics. It is a requirement of continued registration as an X-PERT Educator that an Update in each Programme is attended every 2 years.

Contact us for more information and costings.

B) Managed Service – Let X-PERT Take on Your Waiting List & Reduce The Burden On Your Staff

Let us reduce your waiting list. We source and train the educators, we arrange local venues and we contact your waiting list and offer a course at suitable times. We aim to reach 85% of your waiting list and charge a fee per patient.

X-PERT is the most clinically and cost-effective structured education programme. Contact us to find out how we can meet your requirements

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Our aim is to ensure that all people at risk of, or diagnosed with, long-term health conditions have access to good quality and enjoyable structured education that helps them self-manage their condition leading to improved health and wellbeing.

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