X-PERT Diabetes Digital

Our digital diabetes platform includes all six sessions from our award-winning X-PERT Health structured group education.

Content is delivered through animated videos, quizzes, games and interactive goal setting, whilst users will also have access to in-built tracking and support functions, including through an assigned health coach.

X-PERT Diabetes Digital will enable people to learn about diabetes self-management in their own home during lockdown due to Covid-19. It can be accessed here

The programme is QISMET certificated, which means it has passed their highest possible quality standards in the self-management sector to help people living with long-term health conditions.


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Digital Diabetes

A great way to learn how to gain more control of your Type 2 diabetes at a time and place that suits you


Maximises diabetes
education access

Extending our award-winning education to those who struggle to attend group sessions or for those for whom they are not appropriate

24/7 support

An automated live chat ability answers your questions around the clock and refers onto a health coach if required

Individual support from
health coaches

Every person is assigned a personal health coach who will help support them through their behaviour change journey

Diet & physical
activity tracking

Food intake can be tracked and goals set. A range of exercise guide videos and step tracking help to increase physical activity

Mood & sleep tracking

You can track your mood on a daily basis with support from push notifications and rewards. You can also manually track your sleep quality and stress levels

Goal setting & notifications

The initial goal is broad and tailored to you. You can also set weekly goals based on the programme content. Motivation is given through encouraging messages and rewards

Health results tracking

You can track a range of health results with feedback given through progress graphs. You can also monitor progress and set result driven goals

Recipes for different
dietary approaches

Personalised recipe suggestions based on dietary approach and carb intake that day. Filtering allows you to search for your preferred recipes and recipe videos. You can even upload your own recipes


What are the benefits of using Diabetes Digital?

  • 12 animated videos over 6 sessions
  • Highly interactive to aid learning
  • Increase activity through guidance videos
  • Support from personalised health coach and other users
  • Reduce stress and improve sleep through mindfulness
  • Reward for reaching milestones
  • Reminder for self-care
  • Motivational prompts to support reaching goals

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