Training Learning Objectives

Training to Become an X-PERT Health Educator

Over 1,500 healthcare professionals have trained to become X-PERT educators.

X-PERT Health is an award winning provider of structured education specialising in diabetes, insulin and Tier 2 weight management. We have developed engaging NICE-compliant programmes for adults with prediabetes, Type 2 and Type 1 diabetes and anyone overweight or obese.

We provide our services to NHS Trusts, CCGs, Councils, Charities, Employees and any other Organisations looking for effective structured education programmes.

Once you come on-board as a licensed organisation with X-PERT Health the educator training consists of a three day remote course. You will be provided with an educators manual plus access to demonstration delivery videos.


Programme Learning Objectives

Insulin Educator Course: click here to download

A lifestyle-focused structured education programme to help people with Type 2 diabetes on insulin to improve diabetes control, health and wellbeing, in addition to reducing (or even omitting) their insulin. People with Type 1 diabetes can attend the programme to learn more about how lifestyle factors can impact on blood glucose levels, but it is likely that they would require further support outside the programme for insulin dose adjustment, continuous glucose monitoring and other insulin essentials.


Diabetes: Prevention and Management Educator Course – coming soon

Our award-winning X-PERT Diabetes Prevention & Management Education Programme is designed to support anyone with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes regardless of treatment (newly diagnosed or established). We are passionate about the quality of our education. We believe that with a greater understanding of diabetes and weight management, people you can make different choices towards transforming their health, reducing medication and ultimately achieving remission.


Weight and Wellbeing Educator Course – coming soon

This programme has been specially designed and developed to provide people with the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to lose weight, and/or improve their general health, in a sustainable manner. Individuals are invited to attend 12 sessions, digitally or in person, over 12 consecutive weeks. Each session lasts 90 minutes, and focuses on a different topic; though there are several consistent themes throughout the programme, including a focus on avoiding ultra-processed foods and on choices being made based on the needs and preferences of the individual.


How to sign up to X-PERT Health Educator Training

Develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to competently deliver the X-PERT Programmes.

Implementation of the X-PERT Programmes can take place by:

  1. Obtaining a licence agreement
  2. Attending a 3x day remote training course (plus approx. 7 hours of pre-course learning)
  3. Purchasing the educator equipment and participant handbooks.

If you do not have staff availability to deliver the programmes we could deliver a managed service for you.

For further information please contact

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