Weight and Wellbeing

Healthier Lifestyle, Happier You – Weight and Wellbeing Programme

According to the Health Survey for England 2019, there is now an obesity crisis affecting nearly two-thirds of adults across the UK with men at a higher risk (68%) than women (60%). All this can lead to life-limiting conditions such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, certain cancers, and osteoarthritis.

Our 12-week online Weight and Wellbeing programme is aimed at anyone looking to lose weight and improve their general health.

An empowering & fun programme to guide you to weight loss, rethink your lifestyle and understand health & wellbeing. We cover topics such as weight loss, managing stress, sleep quality, and much more! Try a flexible dietary approach such as Low carbohydrate, Mediterranean, Intermittent fasting, Real food and snacking avoidance. Learn about long-term sustainable behaviour change instead of a short-term diet or lifestyle fad.

Features of our programme consists of weekly 1.5 hour online group sessions with a friendly Health Coach, and a printed handbook.

The sessions will be conducted via zoom, which is a free video application you will need to download. Each session lasts approximately 90 minutes. The sessions are highly interactive. You can ask questions of the Health Coach and share tips amongst the group. Each week goals are set and reviewed the following week.

To access our £99 remote group programme contact admin@xperthealth.org.uk to be added to our waiting list, or purchase the handbook.  Alternatively ask your GP if our Weight & Wellbeing programme is commissioned in your local area, if so, you may be able to attend for free via referral. 

If you have been registered to use our Weight WebApp please follow this LINK to log-in and access the programme.

X-PERT Weight & Wellbeing Programme


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