X-PERT Diabetes Digital Programme

The X-PERT Diabetes Digital Programme has been designed to work on your computer/laptop or using your mobile phones/tablets internet browser.

What Do You Get With The Digital Programme? Flag

What Do You Get With The Digital Programme?

Access to 6 sessions of education covering: What is Prediabetes & Diabetes, Nutrition for Health & Fat Awareness, Carbohydrate Awareness, Psychology of Eating, Food Labels, Physical Activity and Long-Term Health Complications. Once signed up to the digital programme you also receive additional benefits of an X-PERT Handbook, 1-2-1 support from an X-PERT Health Coach, chat functions available 24 hours a day, access to a recipe database and “How to” exercise videos.

How Can I Access The Digital Programme? Flag

How Can I Access The Digital Programme?

Any organisation can commission the X-PERT Diabetes Digital Programme and refer patients or employees in order to gain access. Speak with your GP or Diabetes Team to check if they offer the X-PERT Health educational services. You may need to be referred to receive free access to the X-PERT Diabetes Digital Programme, or alternatively it can be purchased directly from us through our website shop.

What Happens When I Am Referred or Purchase the Programme? Flag

What Happens When I Am Referred or Purchase the Programme?

You will receive an invitation email which provides our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and instructions on how to set your password. When you login for the first time you will be asked some quick questions to help adapt the programme to suit your requirements. You’re then ready to start! The links contained within the invitation email expire after 7 days, so if you do not complete your registration within a week we will send you a reminder email. If you do not respond for another 7 days we will make further attempts to contact you by email and telephone. Should you not access the programme within a month of registration we will assume that you don't intend on using the programme and will remove your access.

Your Comments  Flag

Your Comments

We love your feedback about our Diabetes Digital Programme! Here is what our customers are saying: “Easy to navigate not too technical, it felt doable” - “Excellent educational programme and learnt a lot about diabetes” - “It's so well explained with videos” - “Easy to following giving a detailed explanation into food groups and the reaction on the body. The videos also helped with understanding” - “The info is sinking in! I’m being educated” - “I am satisfied I can now try and control my diabetes” - “I’ve learned a lot about carbs and sugar” - “I am finding this programme fantastic. Thank you” - “Good info on complications and stress / sleep” - “I am very happy I have learned so much about myself and about diabetes” - “This and all the sessions have been excellent and informative to me”.

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You can be confident that our digital programme is effective & reliable. Our programme is QISMET certified, which means it has passed their highest possible quality standards in the Self-Management sector to help people living with long-term health conditions. Not only that, but it has also exceeded the ORCHA quality threshold review for Digital and Health Care apps for the NHS.

Technical Support Flag

Technical Support

We are committed to addressing user support issues and eradicating reported bugs and faults within our Diabetes Digital Programme. If you need any help or wish to report anything to us please contact our friendly team via email at admin@xperthealth.org.uk. Support hours are Monday to Friday 9am till 4pm and we aim to resolve issues within 48 hours.

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