How can I access X-PERT programmes?

X-PERT education programmes can be accessed by attending a group course or via our Digital Programme App. Visit our localities map to see if there is a course local to you, or alternatively speak with your GP/diabetes care team to discuss access to X-PERT Health.

Our Diabetes Digital App can be purchased from our website shop along with our handbooks which contain all the content from our group educational programmes.



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How much do the programmes cost?

Group and Digital Programmes are generally delivered free through the NHS if GP referred, however in some areas there may be a course fee for attending. The handbooks and Digital Programme Apps can be purchased by anyone from our website shop to independently access X-PERT Health education.

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Who are the programmes suitable for?

– The X-PERT Diabetes Programme is suitable for anyone with, or at risk of, Type 2 diabetes.

– The X-PERT Insulin Programme is suitable for people with Type 1 diabetes or people with Type 2 diabetes who use insulin to help manage their blood glucose levels.

– The X-PERT Weight & Wellbeing Programme is primarily designed for people who are interested in losing some weight, but it is also suitable for anybody who is interested in improving their health.

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What happens after the programme is over?

X-PERT programmes have been shown to help people improve their blood glucose control and weight management as well being able to reduce their cardiovascular disease risks and need for medications. More specific details can be found on the “Our Results” page.

After the programme you will hopefully feel more empowered to manage your health, but some people want or need additional help and support. In addition to your usual care, you can access our free X-PERT participant forum where you can ask questions and discuss any issues or concerns with other participants, and members of the X-PERT team. In addition, more information on different lifestyle options, as well as a host of other topics, can be found in our regular blogs.

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What happens on an X-PERT programme?

On the group education programmes your educator will explain what you can expect from the course. The sessions are interactive, using different activities and discussions to help you learn about your condition and how to manage and improve your health. You are usually able to take a supportive friend or family member with you, but please check with your local provider to ensure there is enough space in the room they are using for the programme.

You will receive a free X-PERT handbook to take home and refer to, which contains the programme information, tasty recipes and templates for you to track your progress.

The Diabetes Digital Programme content includes animated videos, games and quizzes to support your learning. It also includes tracking for diet, physical activity, health results, medication requirement, mood and sleep.

X-PERT programmes are based on a one-size-doesn’t fit all approach. Rather than telling you what you should be eating we help you understand what your options are, so you can make an informed choice about what is right for you. The information provided can be tailored to any dietary needs, including but not limited to people who follow vegetarian or vegan diets.

The X-PERT Diabetes programme and Insulin programme are delivered in 2.5 hour sessions over 6 weeks. X-PERT Weight is a delivered in 1.5 hour sessions over 12 weeks. As the Digital Programmes are accessed from home they can be worked through at your own pace.

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What happens to my data if I enroll on to an X-PERT programme?

It is very important to us that we collect some participant data to ensure that our programmes are having a positive impact. Find out how we store data HERE

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What does the training to become an X-PERT educator involve?

Over 1,500 healthcare professionals have trained to become X-PERT educators.

X-PERT Health is an award winning provider of structured education specialising in diabetes, insulin and Tier 2 weight management. We have developed engaging NICE-compliant programmes for adults with prediabetes, Type 2 and Type 1 diabetes and anyone overweight or obese.

We provide our services to NHS Trusts, CCGs, Councils, Charities, Employees and any other Organisations looking for effective structured education programmes.

Once you come on-board as a licensed organisation with X-PERT Health the educator training consists of a three day remote course. You will be provided with an educators manual plus access to demonstration delivery videos.

Training costs £895.00 + VAT per educator.

As part of the license agreement, in addition to the training each organisation will need to factor in the following:

1. Purchase the programme delivery resources (either a digital or magnetic kit) along with patient handbooks
2. Undertake a quality assurance assessment during the first year of delivery to demonstrate that standards and learning objectives are being met
3. Attend update training every 2 years
4. Repeat the quality assurance assessment every 3 years

Contact for costings and dates of our upcoming training courses.

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