Educate not medicate

At X-PERT Health our aim is to provide members of the public and health care professionals with effective education that helps prevent or manage diabetes and other long-term medical conditions. We believe prevention is better than cure and that the right education can achieve this.

Let’s start with you

Our programmes are expertly designed using structured and interactive learning to help manage diabetes, obesity, heart disease and other long-term medical conditions.

Our approach is people centred, focusing on empowerment and discovery learning. We equip our clients with the knowledge, skills, confidence and resources to prevent, treat and manage their condition.

Whether you are newly diagnosed with prediabetes or diabetes or have been living with the condition for 20 years, our programmes are for you.

Our X-PERT programmes

Can X-PERT help you?

We offer a free 15 hour self-management course for people living with prediabetes, Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.

You can attend whether you have just found out you have diabetes or whether you have been living with the condition for years.

X-PERT Health provides tools and techniques to help you manage your condition better. A clinical trial demonstrated that attendance significantly improves health and wellbeing.


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