X-PERT Weight participants see waist size drop by 8cm!

X-PERT Weight Results Poster

X-PERT Weight is an educational and empowering wellbeing programme. It focuses on the latest scientific evidence. And explores factors that can affect weight such as stress, sleep, gut bacteria and metabolism.

It is available as a Group Programme (12 weekly sessions, each lasting 1.5 hrs), or a Resource Folder packed full of nutrition and health information.

We produced an X-PERT Weight Results poster to display at the Diabetes UK Professional Conference to highlight the programme content as well as the health results achieved from patients who have attended the course. You can take a look at our Weight poster here.



Discover Better Living & Transform Your Health.

The X-PERT Weight Loss & Wellbeing course is a 12 week group education programme that focuses on the latest scientific understanding of weight loss. The programme myth busts many dated concepts. Participants learn how their body uses food and how different dietary approaches impact their weight and wellbeing. X-PERT Weight is all about answering why. This leads to participants understanding how and why they can lose weight sustainably. An overview of the X-PERT Weight programme can be found here.

Speak with your GP or Healthcare Team to check if they deliver our X-PERT Weight Programme locally. You may need to be referred to receive an invitation to a free course or access to the X-PERT Weight & Wellbeing WebApp.

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