X-PERT Publications in 2021

X-PERT Publications in 2021

Here at X-PERT we never rest on our laurels! We are always doing our best to contribute to, and research, the latest information about diabetes.

Here are the recent X-PERT publications in 2021

1: X-PERT audit results paper finally publishedūü•≥.

The paper concludes that there were clinically meaningful improvements in the 2019 health indicators. This includes blood glucose control and cardiovascular health. In addition to feelings of empowerment in people attending X-PERT structured diabetes education programmes. Also, that a high proportion of the participants who were taking diabetes medication at baseline had reduced their requirements. Or in some cases. they were able to omit it altogether. To have a read of the full report, visit the published website

2: A focus group formed in June 2019 consisting of BDA’s Diabetes and Obesity Specialist Interest Groups, medical doctors and academic dietitians.¬† In addition to representatives from Diabetes UK.

Part of the initial outcome from this group was to undertake a critical review of dietary approaches and interventions that support people with T2DM being able to achieve remission of their diabetes. This review considers both the nutritional strategies and their mode of delivery. It utilised data derived from both clinical trials and reported case series. Read more here:

3: In addition to that….. in July 2021 X-PERT Health published a review on the effectiveness of a low carbohydrate dietary approach for people with Type 2 diabetes in a highly respected Open Access Journal, Frontiers. Our research is available free of charge for individuals and organisations to help further promote the benefits of this dietary approach. Read more here:¬†

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