X-PERT Global

From starting out as an idea in 2000 and being created as X-PERT Health in 2008 based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire it is incredible that our structured education programmes are now delivered globally.


We are so proud that X-PERT programmes are now delivered on five different continents! In addition to our UK programmes, we now have a presence in Australia, Zambia, the United States, Bermuda and Abu Dhabi.

If you would like further information on delivering an X-PERT programme outside the UK please email us for further information.

Sheikh Khalifa Medical City – UAE  Flag

Sheikh Khalifa Medical City – UAE

Dr Nadeem Abdullah originally trained as an X-PERT Diabetes educator in 2017 whilst working at Addenbrookes Hospital. Dr Abdullah then re-located to Abu Dhabi and attended the X-PERT Weight educator’s course in order to facilitate a pilot programme at the Sheikh Khalifa Medical City targeting children (all ages) and their parents. It is then anticipated that Nadeem will become the lead for implementation of the X-PERT Weight Programme in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Island Nutrition Ltd & Fountain Medical Group LLC – Bermuda Flag

Island Nutrition Ltd & Fountain Medical Group LLC – Bermuda

In 2019 X-PERT Diabetes and X-PERT Insulin were implemented in Bermuda, being delivered via Island Nutrition Ltd and Fountain Medical Group LLC. This partnership aims to expand the structured education offering within Bermuda to tackle the estimated 13% of the population that has diabetes (IDF 2017).

Real Food Coaching – Melbourne, Australia Flag

Real Food Coaching – Melbourne, Australia

Helen Chauhan from Real Food Coaching implemented X-PERT Weight in Melbourne Australia in 2018. Helen has subsequently trained as an X-PERT Weight Trainer, providing the ability to expand X-PERT Weight throughout Australia and train educators locally. She has also trained in X-PERT Diabetes to increase her structured education portfolio.

The University of Texas Medical Branch – USA Flag

The University of Texas Medical Branch – USA

The University of Texas Medical Branch are delivering X-PERT Weight as part of “A Randomized Trial of a Low Carbohydrate Nutrition Program versus Standard of Care in Obese Postpartum Women”. The clinical trial will involve 321 women, one-third will receive standard care as part of a control group, one-third will be invited to attend the 12-week X-PERT Weight programme delivered via group sessions, a resource folder and app and the remaining third will also be invited to attend the X-PERT Weight Programme but will also receive a behavior change component consisting of six weekly meetings in addition to the X-PERT Weight content.

United Kingdom Flag

United Kingdom

Where it all started. X-PERT now delivers 5 different programmes across the UK from Argyll and Bute to the Isle of Wight, helping educate people to make more informed choices to live a healthier and happier life. In the UK our programmes have educated over 300,000 people, we are commissioned by over 100 organisations and have trained over 600 educators.

Baltus Healthcare – Zambia Flag

Baltus Healthcare – Zambia

X-PERT Diabetes is being delivered in two areas of Zambia, Copperbelt and Lusaka, headed by Albert Biete. There is a defined need for structured education in the area, the prevalence of diabetes in Zambia is 4% and 32% of the population being classed either overweight or obese (WHO 2016).