X-PERT Diabetes Stephanie’s Journey

 Your Feedback Matters 😀

X-PERT Diabetes Stephanie’s Journey

We are proud to share recent feedback from Stephanie who attended an X-PERT Diabetes programme and is now enjoying improved health benefits.

It’s clear that the right education can achieve a positive impact on health and wellbeing. Ultimately, we are aware that success and effectiveness are all down to results.

Thanks to Stephanie for sharing her journey with us.

X-PERT Diabetes Stephanie's Journey

X-PERT Diabetes Stephanie’s Journey

“Dear Trudi. I hope you do not mind me contacting you later after the course, but I just wanted to share my good news that wouldn’t have happened without the course and your help. You can by all means share these results to encourage others on your courses.

I had an appointment with my Diabetic Nurse for a check-up after 3 months. I requested a 3 month gap so that I could apply what I had learnt from the course. These were the results:

Diabetes has dropped from 52 to 47 (now in pre-diabetes range).

Cholesterol: Dropped from 5.6 to 4.9

Triglycerides: Dropped from 1.5 to 1.0

LDL: Dropped from 3.5 to 3.0

Kidneys (EGFR) : From 88 to >90

Serum Globulin: 28 (Normal: 21-35)

Serum Alkaline 60 (Normal: 30-130)

Bilirubin: 8 (Normal: <21)

Protein: 68 (Normal: 60-80)

Weight Loss: 1st.2lbs (slow but going! Particularly pleased as haven’t lost weight for 3 years despite desperately trying very hard!) The yo-yo dieting I’d experienced from attending slimming clubs for years suddenly made so much sense.

Changes I have made in my lifestyle? I now intermittently fast most days of the week till between 11-2.30, depending when my body tells me I need to eat rather than just drink. I’ve basically cut out most carbs (bread, pasta, rice, cereals, potatoes), but still enjoy the odd ‘cake/dessert’ every now and then (every week or so). It was hard to begin with, but I am sooo glad I tried it and stuck with it. I enjoy full fat foods e.g. cream/natural yoghurt (and butter, which I hadn’t touched in years!), milky coffees and even avocados – all of which are a big no-no in most slimming diets!

Thank you again for taking this well delivered and inspiring course. Kind regards, Stephanie”


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