X-PERT Diabetes Laura’s Journey

X-PERT Diabetes Laura’s Journey

Have a read of Laura’s experience on the X-PERT diabetes programme with her local X-PERT educator Carla.
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“I just wanted to give feedback on Carla who has been doing our diabetes education virtual sessions – she is AMAZING! 

She is so incredibly gifted as an X-PERT Health educator, who oozes compassion and intelligence and who has made a significant difference to how I feel about my Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis. I only wish I lived near where she practices so that I could have regular contact with her!

Right from the start Carla brought a wonderfully positive perspective (one that I have not had from my GP practice nurse) and made me feel like this is something that I can 100% manage, adapt to and do well in. She approached our sessions with humour whilst still giving us all a sense of how to take this seriously and to manage this going forward. She made it easy to understand, facilitating conversation across our group, with helpful ideas on how to manage various issues.

Thanks also to the team that enabled this. All those that created the brilliant materials we have been given and which Carla talked us through, and the framework that enables her to do this job and give wonderful support to so many. My personal thanks to Carla for making such a significantly positive difference to my life – this is the first diagnosis of anything other than a cold and Carla your support has made me feel I can take this on, manage it. THANK YOU!”


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