X-PERT Diabetes Digital Programme translated into 14 languages

Thanks to substantial financial backing the X-PERT Health Diabetes Digital Programme is available in 15 languages.


In 2020 we received a grant awarded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) grant for our game-changing diabetes product, which addresses concerns relating to COVID-19.

The funders felt that our concept, to adapt and extend the NICE-compliant Diabetes Digital Programme into 14 Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) languages (in addition to English which was already available), was in line with helping the government meeting their healthcare priorities.

The UK government recognises that “People living with diabetes face a significantly higher risk of dying with COVID-19 with a third of deaths in England associated with the condition, and are committed to better supporting them in self-managing their condition”. It is also noted that people from ethnic minority communities are at increased risk.

Our programme provides an effective package of engaging structured education and long-term behaviour change support. Aimed at adults with Type 2 diabetes and Pre-diabetes. Accessible on multiple digital devices, including a phone/tablet/laptop or desktop computer.

X-PERT Health Diabetes Digital Programme

Offering the programme in different languages is a justified means to help more individuals have access to quality diabetes education. Furthermore, the initiative helps to address health inequalities which currently affects many communities.

X-PERT used the grant support to develop and test the Digital Programme in 14 additional languages. The translations available are Arabic, Bengali, Mandarin, Gujarati, Hindi, Nepali, Farsi, Polish, Punjabi, Romanian, Somali, Tamil, Turkish and Urdu.

We recognise that if patients can effectively self-manage their condition, this would significantly reduce the financial burden on the NHS. Structured diabetes education benefits the NHS by reducing the strain of treating diabetes (£14 billion pounds/year).

About X-PERT Health

As a current provider of UK structured education, X-PERT Health distributes around 30,000 patient handbooks annually. Our programmes are available in 48 health organisations in the UK. The Diabetes Digital Programme recently hit over 1000 users.

Email the team at admin@xperthealth.org.uk for more information about diabetes structured education and the diabetes digital programme.

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