X-PERT Christmas Blogs

X-PERT Health Christmas Blogs

Here at X-PERT Health, our Research & Development Team have a dedicated webpage to blogs, which are entirely free of charge and there to help and support anyone who needs it.

The festive period is upon us! For many people Christmas is a time of celebration, of giving, and of family. But it is also a time of temptation, treats and – for some – straight out gluttony. Now for people with Type 2 diabetes, or who struggle to manage their weight, this can be a difficult time.

Here are a reminder about a couple of our blogs which might prove useful to some of you out there.

X-PERT Health Christmas Blogs
Trying to maintain control of your blood glucose and your waistline is a challenge at this time of year probably more than any other. There are however some choices you can make that might help you win this battle.
📣X-PERT Blog:Festive Foods for the Elf Conscious!
Tasty food that you can enjoy without feeling that you are missing out!
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