Research suggests blood pressure medication should be taken in the evening

Dr. Sean Wheatley, PhD – Science and Research Lead/18 November 2019 

A recent study that received a lot of media coverage claimed that people would be best advised to take their blood pressure medication in the evening. It is highly unusual for the media to report research correctly, but (in my opinion) they did here.
The results showed a meaningful benefit from taking blood pressure medication in the evening (as opposed to the morning), and there didn’t seem to be any negative effects from doing this either. This means that even if there wasn’t a real benefit it’s unlikely that switching to the evening would cause any harm. The pragmatic thing to do is therefore to err on the side of caution and take blood pressure meds in the evening.
This only applies to those who have a blood pressure medication that they take once a day, and if your healthcare team has specifically advised you to take your meds at a certain time you shouldn’t change this before discussing it with them. But all in all, I think the media deserve credit for seemingly getting something right!

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