X-PERT Audit Results 2021

X-PERT Audit Results 2021 – ultimately it’s down to results.

X-PERT Audit Results 2021. We are proud of the success we achieve in helping people reduce their medication & enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

The X-PERT Audit Report 2021 is out now and are so proud to share our results with you!

The average scores of the participants who attended an X-PERT programme in the last 2 years are shown below:

– HbA1c reduced by 8.5 mmol/mol
– Diabetes medication reduced by 34%
– Fasting blood glucose dropped by 1.3 mmol/l
X-PERT Audit Results 2021 X-PERT Audit Results 2021X-PERT Audit Results 2021
We have been delivering self-care diabetes education since 2008 and delighted to work with so many commissioners and have the opportunity to share our knowledge with so many people.

Over 300,000 patients educated nationwide on X-PERT programmes
X-PERT commissioned by over 100 different organisations
Potentially saving the NHS £367,000,000 through education not medication
BAME programme participants over 25%
Over 600 trained educators
Over 100 centres offering X-PERT programmes

X-PERT stands for ‘Expert Education versus Routine Treatment’.
Our core objective is to use education to help adults prevent or self-manage diabetes.

We are passionate about the quality of our award winning diabetes education. Our programmes were co-created with patients to ensure they deliver a powerful, rewarding and enjoyable experience. Our education is evidence based, highly visual and interactive to enhance the learning experience.

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