World Diabetes Day 14 November 2022

World Diabetes Day 2022

Access to Diabetes Care is the theme for World Diabetes Day this 14th November 2022. People living with diabetes need ongoing education to manage their condition. Many do not have access to diabetes education. #ifnotnowwhen #WorldDiabetesDay
X-PERT Health is a UK based charity working with many organisations and trusted by the NHS. We provide inspirational education with award winning diabetes and weight loss programmes to prevent and self-manage diabetes.
Our annual audit results have clinically demonstrated that our programmes help people lose weight, improve their HbA1c, reduce medications and place conditions such as prediabetes and Type 2 diabetes into remission.
Our education can be accessed via GP Referral, Remote Groups, Digital Apps, Handbooks and Audio Books/Subtitled Videos.


world diabetes day 2022 world diabetes day 2022 world diabetes day 2022  world diabetes day 2022
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