The Hidden Truth about Nutrition and Weight Control

Dr Trudi Deakin: Online Presentation

🍔 Are you ready to make a change in your sugar consumption?

Online Event | October 16-23, 2023 | Free


Join the 9th Annual Kick Sugar Summit with 60 expert speakers, including X-PERT’s founder and CEO Dr Trudi Deakin, who is on the panel and speaking about The Hidden Truth about Nutrition and Weight Control (available Saturday 21 October)

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The 9th Annual Kick Sugar Summit is a free online event sharing interviews with World Experts on the science of sugar and sugar addiction. Access the information, inspiration, strategies, and insights you need to safely and successfully unhook from sugar’s grip and reclaim your health.

The benefits include: boosting your energy, sleeping better, eliminating cravings and inflammation, reverse diabetes, banishing belly bloat, losing weight, and more. The summit launches live on Monday, October 16, 2023.


Dr Trudi Deakin speaking about weight management.
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