Kirklees Council Testimonial

X-PERT Weight Commissioner Testimonial

“X-PERT Weight is an excellent training course that ticked all the boxes in terms of our council values and our people strategy putting employee health and wellbeing at the heart of our business. It really added value to our existing range of services at employee healthcare encouraging our employees to look themselves.

The course itself was run extremely professionally with a flexible approach to learning that made the whole experience extremely accessible and inclusive. The results speak for themselves and I feel there is an added benefit of improved performance at work based on how people’s concentration and confidence has improved as a result of their changed habits.

We are currently working with X-PERT to educate members of our own employee healthcare staff to become educators who can roll this excellent programme out to all our staff.”

Wendy Beddows, Kirklees Council, Employee Health

Kirklees Council

Businesses that engage in employee workplace wellbeing schemes can see a 40% productivity increase. 80% of those surveyed said that better wellbeing benefits would make them feel more positive towards their employer.

Workplace Wellness has never been more vital for businesses to build a strong employer brand with a robust culture where people can thrive. We can provide employees with lifestyle education and support. Working with businesses to invest in their staff will help create a healthier and more resilient workforce who are more motivated, engaged and productive.

Supporting you with the new, new. Things are irreversibly different from the pre-pandemic. We can help you face the future, supporting an empowering People Strategy that helps to retain and recruit talent.

X-PERT Health

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