Weight and Wellbeing Programme

Healthier Lifestyle, Happier You 

We have re-launched our Weight and Wellbeing programme, aimed at anyone looking to lose weight and improve their general health.

This empowering programme covers weight loss, managing stress, sleep quality, and much more! Try a flexible dietary approach such as Low carbohydrate, Mediterranean, Intermittent fasting, Real food and snacking avoidance. Learn about long-term sustainable behaviour change instead of a short-term diet or lifestyle fad.

According to the Health Survey for England 2019, obesity is a major public health problem in England and globally. Their statistics showed around two thirds of adults were overweight or obese. This was more prevalent among men (68%) than women (60%). In adults, overweight and obesity are associated with life-limiting conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and some cancers as well as osteoarthritis.

The handbook can now be purchased on our website shop here

Or sign-up to our next online group here.


X-PERT Weight and Wellbeing Book
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