Trustees Week 2023

🌟 Trustees Week 2023 🌟

It’s the 13th year of Trustees’ Week, happening from 6-10 Nov!

Let’s celebrate the incredible work of nearly 1 million UK trustees.

Exciting news from X-PERT Health! We’re thrilled to welcome two new trustees to our board: Will Simner and Lauren Tang.


Will has held clinical, marketing and sales roles in the MedTech sector since 2018 across Cardiology, Sleep/Respiratory care and Radiology AI.

Lauren has a remarkable background in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and health-tech, she has honed her skills and knowledge over the last decade.

Big thanks to Will and Lauren for joining us to drive business development and marketing forward. Visit Our Team page to see our Board of Trustees and the rest of the X-PERT headquarters crew…


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