X-PERT Health developed a new programme for PHC

X-PERT Health have developed a new programme for the Public Health Collaboration!


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We were recently commissioned by the Public Health Collaboration (PHC) to develop a new programme for them called ‘The Lifestyle Club’ (TLC).

The Lifestyle Club, our mission is your remission, specifically focusses on low carb dietary approaches for people with Type 2 diabetes. Ambassadors at PHC train as health coaches to enable them to deliver the programme to groups within their local communities.

So far, a Pilot of the TLC programme has been completed and the feedback / results have been fantastic!! Nearly 7kg average weight loss, and HbA1c reduction of -10.9 at 3 months.

PHC is a UK registered charity dedicated to informing and implementing healthy decisions for better public health. They are funded by individual members of the public who want to help the UK become healthier and save the NHS money.

X-PERT Health The Lifestyle Club

About X-PERT Health

X-PERT Health was founded in 2008 with educational programmes co-created by patients. Since then, over 1,500 healthcare professionals have trained to become X-PERT educators. This has resulted in the delivery of structured education to over 250,000 people at risk of, or diagnosed with diabetes. X-PERT specialises in diabetes, insulin and weight loss education programmes.

Email the team at admin@xperthealth.org.uk for more information about structured education programmes.

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