X-PERT Health joins LSBU’s SimDH Progrogramme

Simulation for Digital Health Programme

Simulation for Digital Health Programme  
X-PERT Health diabetes digital programme accepted for health technology support!

X-PERT Health have accepted a place on the London South Bank University ‘Simulation for Digital Health’ (SimDH) Programme.

The free programme supports small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and health tech start-ups in development, innovation and delivery of new products and services. The cohort programme involved five months of group webinars, business consultancy, and specialist mentoring to support the journey.

X-PERT Health is focussed on increasing awareness of their Diabetes Digital Programme. This covers all six sessions from their award-winning group education. The QISMET and ORCHA certified digital programme is an effective package of engaging education. It is available in 15 languages. It is accessible on multiple digital devices via a mobile phone/tablet/laptop. The programme has produced positive health result outcomes with genuine feedback and recommendations. This product will save staff time enabling diabetes healthcare professionals to focus on one-to-one appointments to address more complex issues.

X-PERT Health recognises that if the patient is able to effectively self-manage their condition, this would significantly reduce the financial burden on the NHS. Structured diabetes education benefits the NHS by reducing the financial burden of treating diabetes (£14 billion pounds/year). NHS England state that structured education could deliver savings of an estimated £93 per person after 5 years and £129 after 10 years.

Visit www.xperthealth.org.uk for more information about diabetes structured education and the diabetes digital programme, or email the team at admin@xperthealth.org.uk

Find out more about the SimDH cohort here. www.simdh.com

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