Share Your X-PERT Health Experience

Share You X-PERT Health Experience

Have you experienced the benefits of X-PERT Health products or programmes? We want to hear from you!

Share your X-PERT Health experience through a testimonial. A testimonial is effectively a review or recommendation. Your testimonial can help others discover the positive impact we offer. We will share your testimonials on our publically accessed website and on our social media channels.

Testimonials can take multiple forms.

1. Quote Testimonial: A sum-up of how the programme benefitted you (max 50 words).
2. Case Study Testimonial: Share your detailed experience (say as much as you’d like).
3. Video Testimonial: Record yourself talking about our products or programme (a few minutes long).

Please include a photograph with your submissions.

Submit your testimonial here

Here is a list of question prompts to help with your testimonial:

– Introduce yourself.
– What led you to X-PERT Health?
– How did our programmes and products benefit you?
– What did you like most?
– Top three benefits you experienced?
– Would you recommend us and why?
– Anything else you’d like to mention?

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