Recipes on our forum!

The X-PERT Online Participant Forum is pretty useful.

Did you know that it is free to sign up for advice and support? Join the conversation:

Whether you want to share your story, ask a question or start a discussion, our forum is a great place to connect with other people living with and affected by diabetes.

You’ll also find lots of recipes on there for all of the dietary approaches included in the X-PERT diabetes and weight education programmes – Low Fat, Low Carb, Mediterranean. We have lots of new tasty recipes including a Pepper & Spinach Dahl, Chicken Teriyaki and lots of scrumptious salads. Simply log in to view the recipes. Not already registered? Click HERE to sign up.

AND…there is a library on there from which you can download our resources, including food diary and physical activity log templates.








X-PERT Health

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