X-PERT Weight Resource Folder & App

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The complete X-PERT Weight programme.

12 WebApp sessions with a 200-page Resource Folder packed full of nutrition and health information, support tools, tips, practical suggestions, recipes, food diary templates and much more. It contains all the tools you need to live a healthy lifestyle and lose weight.


On sale from January 2021.


What is it?
– 12 WebApp sessions each accessible via an App on your phone, tablet or laptop.
– Nutrition, lifestyle and health guidance is delivered using video clips supported by a Resource Folder.
– Set a goal each week to keep you motivated and on track.

– Membership of the online forum
– Monitoring function where you will be able to track your weight, waist circumference, carb intake, eating frequency and dietary approach

*By purchasing this WebApp and resource folder you are eligible for 60 minutes of telephone based support with one of the researchers at X-PERT. We advise you use this 60 minutes throughout the programme to help you understand all concepts*


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