X-PERT Insulin Handbook – Version 5


The X-PERT Insulin Handbook Version 5, updated in October 2022 is a comprehensive, 165-page handbook designed to help individuals who take insulin to manage their diabetes (Type 1 or Type 2), improve their blood glucose control and general health.


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At X-PERT Health we are passionate about the quality of our education. We believe that with a greater understanding of diabetes, you can make different choices towards transforming your health. This handbook can help individuals make lifestyle changes to reduce the amount of insulin they need.

In some cases individuals with Type 2 diabetes it may even be possible to OMIT insulin altogether.

The X-PERT Insulin Handbook covers six sessions of education and learning, offering choices with flexible options:

  • What is Diabetes? The Role of Insulin
    Digestion, Carbs and Blood Glucose Control
  • Nutrition for Health and Fat Awareness
    Weight Management, Fat Awareness, The Power of Protein
  • Know your Carbs and Troubleshooting
    Reading and Understanding Food Labels, Carb counting, Top 10 Food Shopping Tips
  • Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose and Exploring Insulin
    Possible Short-Term Complications, Insulin Devices, The Ranges of Insulin
  • Physical Activity

Purchase the book directly from us, or if you are attending a local six-week structured group education programme then you should be provided with one for free.

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