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Now in its 6th year, the #1 bestselling Carbs & Cals book is better than ever

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Nationally recognised as the “carb & calorie counting bible”, their visual method of showing hundreds of food photos makes counting carbs and calories a breeze. With up to 6 portion photos for each food item, choosing sensible portion sizes is quick and easy!

The essential resource for diabetes management, weight loss, portion control and healthy eating.

– Over 1,700 food & drink photos
– Nutrients in colour-coded circles
– Values for carbs, calories, protein, fat, saturated fat, fibre and 5-a-day
– Introduction on healthy eating, nutrients, weight loss & diabetes
– NEW! Updated nutritional values
– NEW! Tables showing nutritional values per 100g for selected foods

The book includes 26 different colour-coded sections containing popular UK food and drink items: Biscuits & Crackers, Bread, Breakfast, Cakes & Bakery, Cheese, Desserts, Drinks, Eggs, Fruit, Gluten Free, Meals, Meal Accompaniments, Meat, Chicken & Fish, Milk & Cream, Nuts & Seeds, Pasta & Noodles, Potatoes & Tubers, Rice & Grains, Sandwiches, Snacks & Confectionery, Soup, Spreads & Sauces, Vegetables & Pulses, Vegetarian Alternatives, Yogurt and Eating Out.


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