Audiobook of X-PERT Diabetes Programme


A series of audiobooks from the X-PERT Health Diabetes Prevention & Management Education Programme V14, with key messages delivered by a narrator.

Audiobooks are useful to support individuals with impaired vision, for anyone who cannot or doesn’t wish to attend group sessions, or for anyone who would like a recap of the programme. They are also hugely handy to access anytime and anywhere on your digital devices.

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Ranging from 2-20 minutes this set of 12 audio files have a total combined running time of just over 2 hours.

Once purchased with a valid email address the X-PERT team will liaise directly to issue a log-in to access the audio files. Please note the audio files are only available via our X-PERT Forum, we do not post them to you and you cannot download them.

The log-in will also give you access to delicious recipes, Frequently Asked Questions and handy templates to log your progress.


What is Diabetes?
Health Results – What Do They Mean?
7 Lifestyle Factors
Goal Setting
Nutrition for Health
Fat Awareness
Dietary Self-Assessment
Carbohydrate Awareness
Reading & Understanding Food Labels
Physical Activity
Short-term Complications
Long-term Complications

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