Prepare for Autumn and Winter with X-PERT Health

With the changing seasons, join us in taking the first steps towards a healthier you!

Prepare for Autumn and Winter with X-PERT Health’s diabetes education, explore diabetes-friendly recipes, and hear our expert advice.

Prepare for Autumn and Winter with X-PERT Health

If you or a loved one is living with type 2 diabetes, we understand the unique challenges and questions that can arise when managing this condition. Discover our comprehensive diabetes education, practical lifestyle strategies, and personalised support to help you on your journey toward better health.

Our group education programmes are a fun way of learning about and understanding diabetes or weight loss and wellbeing. Using visual aids and discovery learning we enable individuals to make their own informed decisions.

Each group is led by an X-PERT trained educator.  As part of the programme all participants receive their own extensive handbook.

As well as group-based programmes (either in-person or virtual via video conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom)  our handbooks can be purchased directly from us along with the Diabetes Digital Programme which can be accessed via a mobile phone, tablet or laptop in 15 different languages.

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