Meet Lee: have a read of his X-PERT story….

“I attended the X-PERT Diabetes programme after being diagnosed as prediabetic. At the time I was 21 stone and being informed I was prediabetic was a massive shock. I loved the fact the programme was so practical. It makes you think about your lifestyle and how to make better choices about what you eat and what you buy. The focus on exercise was also important and really motivational. I joined a gym and now have a personal trainer twice a week. I am now over 4 stone lighter and 3 sizes smaller. I reversed my prediabetes and feel so much healthier and I have even put myself in for a 10k run. If it was not for the course and my family and friends who knows what weight and frame of mind I would be in now. I would advise anyone with the opportunity to attend the programme as it has helped improve my life so much”
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