Low Carb Battered Fish Recipe Updated

🐟 Low Carb Battered Fish Recipe

Dive into a flavourful Low Carb Battered Fish with our updated recipe!

Our CEO, Dr. Trudi Deakin, swears by this batter for crispy perfection. It’s not just for fish – try it with onion rings, chicken nuggets, and even battered king prawns! Here’s what you’ll need:


🛒 Ingredients: Serves 2 people (1 fillet per serving)

2 fish fillets (240g)
10g Arrowroot Powder
25g Vital Wheat Gluten
15g Ultra-Fine Fibre Flour
1 tsp baking powder
100ml Sparkling water (chilled)
Lard (for deep fat fryer)


👩‍🍳 Instructions:

1. Salt the fish and let it sit in the fridge for a few hours wrapped in paper towels to remove moisture.

2. Mix dry batter ingredients, gradually add sparkling water until it’s double cream consistency. Keep it cool in the fridge.

3. Heat lard in the deep fat fryer to max temperature (~190°C).

4. Coat fish in batter and fry for 2-3 minutes until golden brown.

5. Turn fish halfway through cooking for even crispiness.

6. Place on greaseproof paper to absorb excess fat. Cook in batches if needed.

🔥 Pro Tip: Keep the first batch warm in a pre-heated oven while cooking the rest.


Nutrition per serving (197g):

315 kcal
7g carbs
34g protein
16g fat
4g fibre


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