Kick Sugar Summit 2022

Kick Sugar Summit 2022

Sugar Addiction is Real

The 8th Annual Kick Sugar Summit 2022 is a free online event sharing 60 interviews from world experts on the science of sugar and sugar addiction. The line-up is incredible this year, and our CEO Dr Trudi Deakin is among the panellists.

Trudi’s interview ‘Does protein turn into chocolate cake in your blood stream?’ answers the following questions:

  1. Why dietary protein is essential? good quality sources and the minimum daily protein requirement to prevent diseases of deficiency
  2. Protein involvement with appetite control and body weight
  3. The benefits from consuming sufficient protein and what does ‘sufficient’ look like?
  4. What gluconeogenesis is and how protein can influence blood glucose, glucagon and insulin
  5. Is protein harmful for the kidneys

You are invited to download the FREE excerpt below from the X-PERT Weight & Wellbeing Handbook – due to be officially launched in 2023! The pages provide information about the ‘Causes of Hunger’, ‘Identifying Psychological Eating, and ‘Food Addiction’.

Free Gift – Excerpt from the X-PERT Weight Handbook – Psycological Eating and Food Addiction

If you would like to purchase the X-PERT Weight & Wellbeing Handbook before it goes on general sale, please follow this LINK to buy a copy.

It’s not too late to purchase the Kick Sugar Summit 2022 if you want to watch the presentations again. Visit the WEBSITE for further details.

About Dr Trudi Deakin (RD PhD):

Trudi is CEO of X-PERT Health, a UK based charity specialising in development, implementation and evaluation of structured education for patients and healthcare professionals internationally. Trudi obtained a degree in Nutrition/Dietetics in 1993, a teaching qualification in 1998, and a doctorate in diabetes in 2004. She is the author of X-PERT weight and diabetes programmes. Over 1,500 healthcare professionals have trained to become X-PERT Educators. X-PERT’s structured education patient programmes have been delivered to over 300,000 people. She has published widely demonstrating that the X-PERT Health programmes are a cost saving strategy bringing significant improvements in health and wellbeing such as remission of Type 2 diabetes.

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