Health Coaching Awareness Week 

Health Coaching Awareness Week  18-22 September

Health Coaching Awareness Week aims to:

– Raise awareness of the opportunities and benefits by highlighting how it can increase people’s capability to self-manage major conditions, and support people to make more informed and conscious choices that prevent the escalation of illness and improve health outcomes.

– Showcase how health coaches’ unique expertise can bring about positive changes for individuals and the health and care system, such as reducing demand on services and the need for clinical interventions.

– Showcase good practice and the impact of health coaching across the NHS in primary, secondary and community care, and highlight that health and care professionals from any specialism can learn to take a health coaching approach, with the right training


To hear about X-PERTs training opportunity to become a Health & Wellbeing Coach, follow this link to our website page:


Health Coaching Awareness Week


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