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HCRG Care Group: Group Programme Participant Feedback

We love hearing your views about X-PERT Educators!

Review the latest feedback on the X-PERT Diabetes: Prevention & Management programme at HCRG Care Group in Bath & North East Somerset.

“I have recently completed the six-week diabetes self-management programme run by Kamila Szczesna.

Each session was provided as a face-to-face group meeting, which enabled us to easily discuss the various topics with each other in an open and respectful way.  We were made aware from the very beginning that disclosing personal details was optional and that everything discussed in the group would be in complete confidence and without judgement.  This gave us the confidence to open up about our concerns in order to get the best outcome.

Kamila was very knowledgeable about all aspects of diabetes, including the physical and psychological impact.  Her expertise in nutrition was second to none, ensuring that our questions and concerns were addressed effectively and without delay.

She delivered the course in a friendly manner, keeping us engaged and willing to participate in group discussions.  Using her special props to help explain the way the body’s cells, organs and blood are affected by our diet were absolutely brilliant!

Thanks to Kamila’s approach to this training and her expert guidance and support, I now understand how nutrition can have an impact on my overall health, as well as in relation to diabetes.  I feel confident that I have gained the tools and knowledge to manage my own health going forward, and will be able to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks Kamila – you are amazing”


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