Easter Meal Plan

Dive into a Mediterranean Easter Feast with our mouthwatering Meal Plan.

Ready to embark on a culinary adventure this Easter? Delve into our recipe collection and get inspired to create unforgettable meals that will bring joy to your nearest and dearest.

Our selection of recipes draw inspiration from the Mediterranean dietary approach. This is based around the quality of the food eaten, focusing on wholesome, minimally processed ingredients that promise both taste and nutrition.

Download Easter Meal Plan from X-PERT Health


Kickstart your morning with a refreshing Greek Yoghurt breakfast bowl adorned with fresh fruits and crunchy nuts. For lunch savour the comforting warmth of our Roasted Tomato and Red Pepper Soup, bursting with vibrant flavours. In the evening try succulent Herb Lamb Chops paired with a colourful Vegetable Tray Bake, highlighting the season’s finest produce.

And let’s not forget dessert! End your meal on a sweet note with our easy Chocolate Mousse, infused with a delightful hint of coffee.

For those following a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, our Participant Forum is a treasure trove of free recipes and culinary inspiration. From a hearty vegetable stew to mushroom Bolognese, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Wishing you a joyous and flavourful Easter celebration!


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