Dr Trudi Deakin talks real food

Our very own Dr Trudi Deakin had a lovely chat with the folks from Primal Cut about the benefits of real food & how X-PERT Health came about.

Educate not Medicate!

The interview explores the benefits of a real food diet with Dr Trudi Deakin, Registered dietitian and diabetes expert and CEO of X-PERT Health.

 X-PERT Health provides education for obesity and diabetes prevention and management throughout the UK.

Trudi answered the following questions:

How did your interest in Diabetes start?

Why do you think we have such a challenge with obesity and Type 2 Diabetes in the UK?

Do you have one piece of advice for anyone feeling overwhelmed by their own weight challenge and wanting to make a difference? – What would you say to them?

What are your favourite health related books and who do you follow?

Finally, do you have a great motivational quote we can stick on the fridge to inspire us?


Have a read of what she had to say: www.primalcut.co.uk/post/educate-not-medicate

Have you tried the sausages from Primal Cut yet? they contain 94-99% meat and are delicious!

Dr Trudi Deakin talks real food
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