Discovering Hope – Richard’s Journey

Discovering Hope – Richard’s Journey

Discovering Hope - Richard's Journey

Being told I had become Type 2 diabetic was not a huge surprise. I have been overweight for years and always struggled to “diet” successfully. My other condition, fibromyalgia, progressed over five years and meant I had to retire at 62 with restricted mobility and chronic pain. Retirement helped slow life down and stabilise my health. But I was still far from well with high blood pressure and on multiple medications. Physical activity was difficult, which didn’t help my obesity. Eventually my blood sugar levels reached the NHS critical point, and the GP prescribed Metformin to start to control the condition.

Unexpectedly, I discovered hope. My GP Surgery contacted me about joining a “pilot scheme” aiming to put T2 diabetes into remission.  Without much confidence, I agreed.

X-PERT Health

It was an X-PERT Health group – and has been quite an education! Using regular Zoom groups, we found out exactly how the body functions and processes food. The NHS “Healthy Plate” guideline I had followed in the past is not suitable for everyone. As a diabetic, I needed to find a way of eating that would address my own health needs directly. For me, carbohydrates and sugars are a real problem. Being insulin resistant on top of fibro was making me very unwell. Our course leader, Heidi Giaever, introduced us to the concept of a Low Carbohydrate lifestyle.

After a year on a low carb/low sugar diet I am 24.5kg lighter, and not feeling hungry! I am cooking good fresh food with butter, cream, and no additives. Enjoying what I eat, feeling lighter and better, and much healthier. My blood sugar levels are healthy enough to come off the diabetes medication, and my Type 2 Diabetes is in remission.

Discovering Hope – Richard’s Journey

A bonus: this dietary approach has also helped my fibro symptoms. Chronic pain is still an issue, helped by prescribed medication – but fibro fog is less, and I feel more normal than in the last six years. Fatigue and my poor tolerance of exercise have improved a bit – my walking is about 33% less painful. So I am not “cured” but at least I have been given hope.

The programme was led by an X-PERT Health expert nutritionist. With regular input from GPs, consultants, and other health professionals. Our health records and readings were observed. And support given in the struggle toward healthy lifestyles.

If nutrition has a significant role in triggering or intensifying these illnesses, there is an unexpected doorway to better health. Or at least control of symptoms without resorting to largely ineffective expensive drugs. At the very least there is a way to take control of our illness and live well. I really recommend X-PERT Health as a great way to go

Richard Starling

Retired Baptist minister, married. Enjoys photography, writing, reading, and gardening slowly.

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