Digital Board Examples

Educator Digital Board Examples

       The links below provide examples of the function of the X-PERT Educator Digital Boards. The digital resources have been adapted from the magnetic boards to provide an alternative means for delivering the programme. They can be used in face-to-face settings with a tablet/projector, or remote delivery with screen sharing on video conferencing programmes.

The functionality of the digital boards and the way activities are delivered is broadly the same as using physical resources. X-PERT will provide any additional support and guidance required.


Example 1: What is Diabetes? See an activity with labels dragged and dropped from the holding bay onto the main screen area.

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Example 2: Dietary Self-assessment. Interactive activity where the educator can type the participant responses into the dietary self-assessment template.

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Example 3: Food Packing Demo Cards. See how new resources have been developed with remote delivery in mind.

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Example 4: Are you an X-PERT? Game.

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We have produced two comprehensive guides about delivery of patient programmes, including some information on using the boards.

If you would like to discuss purchasing access to our educator digital boards please get in touch.

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