PRE-ORDER: Diabetes Handbook Version 15

Diabetes Handbook Version 15

Pre-order now to receive your copy of the latest X-PERT Diabetes Prevention & Management Handbook (Version 15) before Christmas. Delivery is expected week commencing 12th December 2022.

Our award-winning programme has recently updated and contains the most recent research and information.

We are passionate about the quality of our education. We believe that with a greater understanding of diabetes and weight management, you can make different choices towards transforming your health, reducing medication and ultimately achieving remission.

Aimed to support anyone with prediabetes and Type 2 diabetes regardless of treatment (newly diagnosed or established).

Our book covers six sessions of education and learning, offering choices of dietary approaches with flexible options:

1 – What is Prediabetes and Diabetes?

2 – Nutrition for Health including what to eat on different dietary approaches: Low Carbohydrate, Low Fat, Mediterranean, Intermittent Fasting.

3 – Carbohydrate Awareness of Everyday Foods

4 – Psychology of Eating, Food Labels and Physical Activity

5 – Possible Complications of living with diabetes

6 – Recapping & The Way Forward

Follow this link for more information.

Purchase the book directly from us, or if you are attending a local six-week structured group education programme then you should be provided with one for free.

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Diabetes Handbook Version 15
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