Sign-up to a March Diabetes Programme

Starting Thursday 21st March 2024 held remotely via Zoom
1.00pm-3.30pm with Health Coach Paul

Visit here for more details and to book


Join our 6-week group programme. Each weekly session will last for 2.5 hours, and you’ll receive an X-PERT handbook. Our award-winning X-PERT Diabetes Prevention & Management Education Programme is designed to support anyone with prediabetes and Type 2 diabetes regardless of treatment (newly diagnosed or established).   

Attending our diabetes programme will increase your knowledge, skills and understanding of your condition and help you to make lifestyle choices to manage your blood glucose levels more effectively. An overview of the X-PERT Diabetes Programme can be found here.

This course covers six sessions of education and learning, offering choices with flexible options:

Session 1 – 21st March: What is Prediabetes and Diabetes?
Session 2 – 28th March: Nutrition for Health including what to eat on different dietary approaches: Low Carbohydrate, Low Fat, Mediterranean, Intermittent Fasting.
Session 3 – 4th April: Carbohydrate Awareness of Everyday Foods
Session 4 – 18th April: Psychology of Eating, Food Labels and Physical Activity
Session 5 – 25th April: Possible Complications of living with diabetes
Session 6 – 2nd May: Recapping & The Way Forward

X-PERT Diabetes Programme
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