Carbs & Cals App

Carbs & Cals App

Carbs & Cals is an award winning App for tracking the food you eat, which contains over 3,500 food & drink photos with the carbohydrate, calorie, protein, fat and fibre values clearly displayed above each photo. For more information please click here. Designed and recommended by diabetes specialists

Carbs & Cals

The App contains thousands of foods and you can choose your portion sizes:

Spontaneous lunch dates, dinner with family and friends, baking with the kids… managing type 2 diabetes can take these joyful moments in your life and fill them with stress and anxiety. It’s not just socialising – holidays, business trips or even just long drives can require lots of planning ahead when it comes to your food choices. That’s why they’ve created the Carbs & Cals app. With this award-winning app in your pocket, you’re never more than a tap and a swipe away from easy carb awareness and diet tracking!

X-PERT Health are establishing a partnership with Carbs & Cals so in the future this will see the two platforms working seamlessly together. In the meantime you can access Carbs & Cals via the Google Play and Apple App stores. A starter plan is available for free, which allows you access to some of their content and features, or you can pay to access their unlimited plan. X-PERT Health endorse Carbs & Cals, but have no influence over any of the content they published.

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