Our Audit Results Report 2020 is here!

Audit Results Report 2020

X-PERT Audit Award Report November 2020

We are extremely proud to present our Audit Results 2020 Report.

Our audit awards are based on the data collected by the organisations, educators and partners who passionately deliver the X-PERT educational programmes to their patients. We annually audit the patient health results to ensure we meet the national target standards. In addition, we can monitor the difference we make to public health.

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OUR IMPACT: This year’s audit results are encouraging and demonstrate that implementation of the X-PERT Programme continues to be effective!

2327 X-PERT programmes were delivered to 24,249 patients in the period January 2018–December 2019.

OUR RESULTS: Matched participant data shows that, between 2018 & 2019, X-PERT Programme implementation has resulted in a mean weight loss of 3.1kg (6 months) and 2.5kg (12 months) for X-PERT Diabetes.

A mean reduction in HbA1c values from baseline is evident at both 6 months (-9.4mmol/mol) and 12 months (-7.7mmol/mol).

This is the first audit for the X-PERT Weight Programme. The results show a mean reduction in weight is 4.9kg at 12 weeks.



At X-PERT Health, our aim is to provide members of the public and healthcare professional with effective education that helps prevent or manage diabetes and other long-term health conditions associated with obesity. A person with diabetes spends, on average, only a few hours with a healthcare professional every year. For the remaining 8,757 hours they have to manage their condition themselves.

Structured education is therefore an integral part of care to help people self-manage or prevent long-term health conditions by giving them the skills, knowledge and confidence in order to do so.


Audit and reporting outcomes is specified in current guidance for implementing diabetes and lifestyle education. The X-PERT audit database was developed so that organisations can audit implementation against audit standards. It is crucial to assess whether implementation of the X-PERT programmes result in the improvement to health and wellbeing.

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