Audit Results 2022

Audit Results 2022

X-PERT Health education continues to reduce the impact of diabetes

X-PERT Health have celebrated another successful year of award-winning education in the prevention and management of diabetes and obesity.

The audit results 2022 demonstrate that people living with diabetes across the UK have seen huge health and lifestyle improvements after accessing X-PERT Health structured education sessions.

These results also recognise the well performing organisations and educators who deliver the X-PERT education across the UK.

Dr Trudi Deakin, CEO of X-PERT Health commented; “Education really does work in reducing medication and moving people towards Type 2 remission. These results celebrate our wonderful X-PERT educators who do such an excellent job delivering our programmes nationwide. Well done for carrying the banner and providing the evidence we need to keep pushing diabetes education to the top of the agenda.”

About X-PERT Health 

Our core objective is to provide members of the public and healthcare professionals with effective education that helps prevent or manage diabetes and other long-term health conditions.

The quality and consistency of the education supports the government’s current initiative of greater focus on education and self-awareness to help control the cost of health care.

Diabetes is expensive. It costs the NHS £10 billion each year. 80% of these costs are due to complications (

X-PERT Health recognises that structured diabetes education improves clinical indicators which have been shown to reduce the risk of diabetes complications developing.

X-PERT Health delivers four core programmes:

1. Diabetes for Type 2 diabetes (also available as a digital programme)

2. Insulin for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes

3. Prevention of Diabetes (X-POD) for prediabetes

4. Weight & Wellbeing for weight management


Download and share X-PERT Health Press Release 2022

X-PERT Audit Award Report December 2022

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