Audit Results 2021 Press Release

Audit Results 2021 Press Release.

X-PERT Health audit results 2021 demonstrate that implementation of the X-PERT Programmes lead to improved health.

Audit Results 2021 Press Release. Visit Our Results page for more information or read our Audit Report 2021 HERE

X-PERT Health have celebrated another successful year of award winning education in the prevention and management of obesity and diabetes.

Educate not Medicate

The Audit Awards presented results showing that X-PERT programmes are effective in improving health and quality of life for participants.

Audit Results 2021 Press Release.

The Audit Report 2021 demonstrates excellent attendance and increased empowerment with outstanding progress in clinical outcomes such as body weight, diabetes control, blood pressure and cholesterol ratios. X-PERT programmes are making a real difference to the lives of people with obesity, prediabetes and diabetes.

Dr Trudi Deakin, CEO of X-PERT Health commented: “The passion and enthusiasm of our wonderful  X-PERT educators’ helps people make more informed choices that can help transform their life and health. I congratulate all the winners and runners-up and our amazing X-PERT team.”

Audit Results 2021 Press Release.
About X-PERT Health 

X-PERT Health passionately believe that through education people can understand their condition better. This gives them greater confidence to make more informed choices, improving their health and moving towards remission. By helping to reduce the need for medication, education programmes like X-PERT can help save the NHS millions of pounds each year. In addition, X-PERT are committed to providing innovative options to widen access to structured education and help challenge healthcare inequality.

 Audit Results 2021 Press Release.

Structured education is an integral part of care. Current guidelines recommend that every person with diabetes and/or their carer, and those eligible for a lifestyle weight management service should be offered well-designed and well-implemented education.

X-PERT Health delivers four core programmes – X-PERT Diabetes for Type 2 diabetes, X-PERT Insulin for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, X-PERT Prevention of Diabetes (X-POD) for prediabetes and X-PERT Weight & Wellbeing for weight management. Each programme includes between six and twelve sessions, delivered weekly.

For more information about X-PERT Health, Email:

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