Audit is Key!

Our 2021 Annual Audit Report will be ready from 1st December.

Audit is Key! Stay tuned as we share more soon.

All X-PERT programmes are audited. This recognises the outstanding efforts of our educators. And reinforces the effectiveness of X-PERT education using patient record outcomes.
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Audit is Key!
Audit is Key!
Our core objective is to use education to help people prevent or self-manage diabetes.

We are proud of the success we have achieved in helping people reduce their medication and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. We work with so many commissioners and have the opportunity to share our knowledge with so many people.

Over 300,000 patients educated nationwide on X-PERT programmes
X-PERT commissioned by over 100 different organisations
Potentially saving the NHS £367,000,000 through education not medication
BAME programme participants over 25%
Over 600 trained educators
Over 100 centres offering X-PERT programmes

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