Kick Sugar Summit

Sugar Addiction is Real

UPCOMING: 8th Annual Kick Sugar Summit.

Join the 8th Annual Kick Sugar Summit for 8 life-changing days that will educate, inspire and support you to eat less sugar or give it up altogether so you can lose weight and feel better.

Are you fed up with not being able to stay away from sugar, even though you promise yourself today’s the day? Is your consumption of sugar out of control? Are you having a hard time saying no to chocolate, chips, fries, pizza and pasta, cookies and ice cream? You’re not alone.

The Summit features 60 world experts who will share the science and strategies you need to successfully reduce your consumption of sugar so you can lose weight and improve your health.

The line-up is incredible this year, and our CEO Dr Trudi Deakin is among the panellists. The Kick Sugar Summit will air live from Thursday 1st September 2022. It is 100% free and you can get your FREE TICKET HERE

8th Annual Kick Sugar Summit


The Kick Sugar Summit is the world’s first summit on the topic of sugar, sugar addiction and sugar addiction recovery.

It was founded by Florence Christophers in 2015 to help others discover the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of reducing or eliminating their consumption of sugar and to raise awareness about the reality of sugar addiction and paths to recovery.

It is 100% free!

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