A Low Carb Diet Review: Fundraiser

If you have benefitted from a low-carb diet or simply believe in low-carb as an effective way to help people improve their lives we would be grateful for your help.

We have recently submitted a LOW CARB REVIEW PAPER on the effectiveness of a low-carb diet for people with Type 2 diabetes to a highly respected Open Access journal. When approved, our research will be made available free of charge to other individuals and organisations to help further promote the benefits of this approach.

For many years X-PERT Health have promoted low-carb as a dietary approach as one of its options to help people self-manage their diabetes, lose weight sustainably and transform their quality of life.

We are looking to raise funds to help us cover the costs of the publishing fee for our research. Any donation, even a couple of pounds, will help towards reaching our target of £1,200 by 1st June 2021.

Read More & Go to our Fundraising Page: https://www.gofundme.com/f/pc3g9-a-low-carb-review

Educate not Medicate: thank-you for your support!

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