Welcome to the research section of the X-PERT Health website, where we are looking to provide you with details of the scientific basis for our programmes as well as highlighting other relevant content that we hope you will find interesting and informative.

The “Our Research and Reviews” tab includes journal articles, position statements and reviews written by members of the X-PERT Health team. These provide the evidence base used to inform the content of the programmes, as well as providing evidence that the programmes are a successful way of addressing chronic conditions.

The “Useful Resources” tab provides links to external sites that we think might be of interest to you; whether you’re looking for specific guidelines, helpful advice, or just want to know more. Although we have selected these sites because we think they will be of use we can’t accept responsibility for the content of other sites.

Finally, the “X-PERT Blogs” section includes articles written by members of the X-PERT team on a variety of subjects. The blogs could be to give you an insight into what we are working on, to give an overview of some interesting research, or to respond to a relevant story currently in the news for example. They could be on anything health and science related, and we hope that you will enjoy reading them.

We hope you find this section of our website interesting and informative!

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Our aim is to ensure that all people at risk of, or diagnosed with, long-term health conditions have access to good quality and enjoyable structured education that helps them self-manage their condition leading to improved health and wellbeing.

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