X-PERT First Steps

 X-PERT First Steps is a 2.5 hour session designed to deliver first line information about diabetes self-management and to provide participants with a taster of what the full 6 week programme is like.

Some of the questions answered: 

  • What is diabetes? 
  • Is there such a thing as mild diabetes?
  • Why do some people say blood sugar and others, blood glucose – is there a difference?
  • Why do starchy foods raise blood glucose as much as sugary foods? 
  • What is carbohydrate and what foods contain it?
  • What are the normal levels for blood glucose?  
  • What are the symptoms of high or low blood glucose? 
  • How is high or low blood glucose treated?
  • What are the lifestyle factors for optimal health?
  • What health results need to be monitored and what are the target ranges? 
  • What is the diabetes annual review? 
  • What is energy balance and the long-term solution to weight control? 
  • What are the five food groups which contribute to healthy eating?
  • What are the myths and misconceptions regarding food and diabetes?
  • What is the guidance for physical activity and the difference between low, medium and high intensity?
  • What is diabetes self-management and how can it be achieved?
  • What are the benefits from structured education and how do you register on a course? 

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Our aim is to ensure that all people at risk of, or diagnosed with, long-term health conditions have access to good quality and enjoyable structured education that helps them self-manage their condition leading to improved health and wellbeing.

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